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No use to run away - sunrise predicts dawn!

November 16, 2016
A Soul Called Perdition - Into The Formless Dawn

When you do not feel the shape, not shaking off the remnants of sleep -  A Soul Called Perdition - Into The Formless Dawn you've fell!
The rhythmic, fascinating intro of the Woe. It takes us into the depths of the remarkable and wonderful world, surrounded by dark and oppressive atmosphere. Then that riff pierces the whole composition as the main motive.
Harsh crushing rhythm begins There Is No Shelter, then carrying on its powerful trays up to the lyrical monologue. The combination of clean vocals and growls completes the composition together with the melodious thrilling guitar riff.
Chopping rhythm dissecting apart the intro structure of the title track Into The Formless Dawn. Then the pace accelerates, rushing to get far away from a formless dawn, unexplained clouds and ghostly sunrise.
Gloomy melancholy riff permeates the entire composition with leitmotif rusty blade, surrounds with the fetters of Severance rotting decay.
Emptiness dancing, spinning vortices of empty and insensible winds, twisted from side to side on the imperceptible changes, then dances again and again.
Soars, flutters, ascended in unison with Immortal, Entwined to combine in single entity with eternity. Lyrical epic monologue surrounded with inspiring melodic riff completes the composition.
The wings of the main motive carries To Those Who Shall Follow, zipping in single stream through the entire composition canvas - in a single impulse, in the same breath!
Epic fairy tale We Walked In The Shadows, raising the spirit of the legendary sagas completes the album for its catchy motives - inspiring future battles for the magnificent achievements