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No use to be a drifter - have to be the shapeshifter

July 04, 2016
Mortillery - Shapeshifter

Your shape inappropriate here, don't fit to all around - Mortillery - Shapeshifter doesn't look behind!
Marching squad steps forward, just so they don't want to go - perhaps they are under the influence of the Radiation Sickness! Quickly, indifferent and briskly flies past us verse, with howls and broaching vocals performance. History briefly slow down its pace to the bridge and chorus, to thwart the next jerk!
Savage accentuated crushing of consciousness on the part begins Age of Stone, continues nervous furious vocals, removing the unknown strand of pristine natural holistic firmament! Slowly, powerfully roared begins its march the Bullet, taking off splashes out unrestrained portion of energy, forcing to discuss its flight and the result of hit or miss. Missed? Aim better, shoot accurately!
Rhythmically hammers Mantis its intro in our minds, then right off the bat straight away for the unrestrained striving for unlimited and uncontrolled speed!
Black Friday rhythmically and irresistibly defies the usual order, take us away from the ordinary values. Vocals, juggling melodies and rhythmic patterns, strives with themselves and with the surrounding music, adopting and shifting its reflections in their rolls from side to side.
Wendigo runs along the tops of the mountains, jumping from one to the other - there's no one like him! He looks around, accelerates its run without any hesitation - let the search will be more active. But running around and around doesn't work - looks around, assesses the chances of directions, convulsive and quicklier scans the neighborhood. Argh! No pair for him!
At the Gates stand parishioners, visitors uncontrollably bursting therein. But the gates are locked, immovable and soulless. Emotions are replaced by anger, anger by rage. Those Who Wait opening of the gate, lusting order to be let in begins to boil in captivity of passion and emotions that drive a demon use in solid and unshakeable gates!
Powerful, crushing everything accession preparing victims to the Torture. They don't give ear to the expectations, not willing to share intimate secrets and mysteries, who want to carry to the grave? Certainly not! Torture! Torture! Torture! In the middle, the vocalist focuses his speech on the emotions of the prisoners, referring to their mind in an attempt to extract from it a spark of consciousness. There's no use of it! Torture!
Shapeshifter changes form, shape. And care about predictions, unknown to the laws of life - unable to restrain whining, changing among clean vocals, screaming and growl, no harsh this time at will. Stability isn't gaining, instrumental delights fearing, guitars eager for freedom, their uncontrolled thoughts fuss. Completes the vocals, mixing styles without spilling the primacy and without regard to the others!