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No misery, no regret

December 08, 2021
Vended - What Is It//Kill It (EP)

The outrage, the power of rage, and the frenzy of vocal anger intertwine in the Antibody single musical outburst, combining to suppress aspirations and set the musical direction of the Vended - What Is It//Kill It (EP) release.
After the prelude, the Asylum song explodes with a frenzy of musical pressure, combining epic echoes with vocal fury, combining in the vocal part the echoes of anger and the pressure of rage.
The My Wrongs song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, varying the musical support following the vocal changes.
Starting with a bass solo, the Bloodline track intrigues with its further development - the vocal part enters recitative, then surges with anger and rage, combining in its sound anger and rage and coming to the forefront of the sound. In the final fragment, the vocals harden, focusing on an argument among different styles of vocals presentation. The Burn My Misery song closes the album with an incredible variation of stylistic diversity, both musically and vocally.