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No emotions in solitude

June 04, 2022
Worwyk - In Solitude

Promises and proclamations on the radio end with a narrative of disagreement with such deception and unwillingness to follow the illusory promises, half-hearted in the sound of the Preach To Me song. The Right To Die composition continues the Worwyk - In Solitude album, progressively complicating the rhythm and wrapping the axis of the main motif with a whirlwind of guitar riffs and artistically varying the style of sound.
Continuing progressive experiments with the sound in the intro, the No Emotion song rolls in waves of rhythmic drive with the introduction of vocals. The title track In Solitude gives a dominant role to the vocals, which focuses on the pulsating rhythmic step of the sound.
The combination of the driving pressure of the introduction and the choruses with the pensive reflections of the verses creates a fascinating musical image of the Is It Life song, anticipating the incredible progressive melody and artistic variability of the sounds of the guitar solos of the Cutthroat instrumental composition.
Unhurried vocals reflections are intertwined in a fascinating unity with a complex and mysterious transformation of the Creation By Design musical passages, anticipating the mysterious variability and transformation of the musical essence in preserving the romantic atmosphere of the Anneliese final composition of the album.