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November 09, 2023
Medicated - Descension

The assertive drum roll combined with the sublime solemnity of the guitar solo weaves a bewitching lace of the introduction of the Fallen One composition, soaring at a rapid acceleration of the tempo with the introduction of vocals that bring emotional outrage to the sound of the Medicated - Descension album, which continues with the twilight mystery of the Breakdown mesmerizing musical fairy tale, combining progressive breaks in rhythm with the artistic charm of the guitar. the solo instrumental part and the romantic dreaminess of the fragment that follows. Rolling out with a harsh musical canvas, the Recitation battle march subordinates the musical development to the militant appeals of the vocal part. But vocal melodies also introduce lyrical shades of hope into the development of the musical essence.
Continuing to drive a rhythmic gait into the chosen musical path, the Delusion composition weaves a compositional lace based on a vocals dispute, preceding the mesmerizing guitar solo of the Heaven In Shadows introduction, ending with a rhythmic march, followed by an emotional ascension. The I Will Fall twilight musical tale combines ballad melodicism with weighty vocal lyricism in a collaboratively artistic musical tapestry.
Rolling in waves of restrained drive, the Deliverance song then lifts vocal phrases onto their crests, continuing the drive in the sound of the End Of Lifeline composition with rhythmic steps, somewhat restraining the tempo and raising the sparkling banners of melodic charm in the chorus, preceding the bewitching symphonic sacrament, continuing similar musical charm in the mesmerizing sound of the Next In Line musical fairy tale.
Soaring in a whirlwind of rapid musical pursuit, the I Rise composition then complements the musical race with vocal impatience, retreating before the intriguing mystery of the intro's guitars solo, but returning in the unity of drive and solemn vocal phrases of the Chains Of Gone solemn anthem, preceding the return to the rapid pursuit in the intro of the My Descent final composition of the album, developing its title from the essence of this musical artwork, summing up its creative results.