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New world demands another cases

July 24, 2022
Leatherwolf - New World Asylum

After preparing for the introduction, the unity of the music and vocals of the I Am The Law song captures the attention and reveals the music book of the Leatherwolf - New World Asylum album, continuing with the twilight mystery of the musical procession of the King Of The Ward dark anthem, honoring the wicked overlord. The Behind The Gun composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, meaningfully and confidently complementing vocal reflections with the support of guitar riffs and the artistic charm of instrumental bridges.
The dark mystery of the introduction culminates in a sparkling whirlwind of a guitar solo, then embodying progressive variations of musical styles into the sound of the Live Or Die song, rolling waves of mysterious musical mystery in the introduction of the Disconnect composition, transforming into an angry and rebellious drive with the introduction of vocals. The guitar solo is brought to the forefront of the introduction of the Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.) musical image, then setting the basis for the sound of the main motif.
The unhurried and persistent sound of the Institutions twilight march combines gloomy omens, a romantic ballad and unhurried vocals prophecies. Rapid drive alternates with rhythmic beats and musical variations, crowning the musical story of the Derailed song with vocal emotions and decorating with bright guitar solos of instrumental fragments. The Grail composition fascinates with artistic changes and transformations of rhythmicity and sound, anticipating the fascinating sound of the Never Again final composition of the album with elements of a ballad and an epic saga.