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New rock albums addition

December 28, 2015

Today we have a new addition to our Rock collection!
It's rebels from Creature with Ride The Bullet , and Last Autumn's Dream - Paintings, and live albums of timeless rock classics: Wishbone Ash -  Road Works.

What should parents do everyday? They forbid to do something, they force youth something to do! Youth strike back! Breakin' the rules! The spirit of freedom raises them high and they see no limits! Creature conveys youthful ardor and the spirit of rebellion.

On the other hand - there's unbreakable rules, indestructible walls and doors, which are not allowed to use.

But - the rules can be interpreted, walls - you can bypass it, doors - not a passage but masking stains on the wallpaper!

Different points of view, different perception. And at 18, you can be wise, and at 80 - can be rebel. Classic lives and a lot of bands support it.

You can remake all by using power and fury, but also - you can use wisdom and intelligence to do that.