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New faith for old Gods

May 28, 2022
Shihad - Old Gods

Starting with a gloomy musical fog that envelops vocal reflections, the Tear Down Those Names composition begins the musical story of the Shihad - Old Gods album with an intriguing atmosphere, developing into the assertive persistence of the uncompromising drive and vocal indignation of its title track.
Getting bogged down by vocal doubts in the musical quagmire, the Mink Coat composition slowly moves forward in an atmosphere of conjectures and doubts, continuing with the persistence of The Hill Song rhythmic march, confidently, persistently and irresistibly imprinting its steps on the chosen path.
The energetic inspirational narration of the Feel The Fire song's vibrant vocals captivates with a gripping sense of adventure, continuing with the persistence and perseverance of the Little Demons march and the captivating allure of the adventure experience embodied in the captivating sound of the Empire Falling composition.
The gloomy mystery of the Just Like You musical tale envelops the mysterious narration of the vocal storyteller with twilight veils of musical mystery. The drum roll rolls out the musical canvas of the Slow Dawning battle march, then giving a twilight vagueness to the vocals mystery of the verse, continuing the atmosphere of the previous composition, but rhythmically and persistently driving in the militant pace of the sound in the chorus. Energetic and captivating drive of The Wreckage track closes the album with enlivening persistence.