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January 28, 2021
Neøv - Picture Of A Good Life

The gentle chime of an acoustic guitar is combined in the introduction with a wordless vocal dreaminess, then continuing in the artistic musical reflections of the Marathon composition, then complicating the progressive vocal component in the Island mysterious mid-tempo march, ragged rhythmic solutions complicating the musical picture of the Neøv - Picture Of A Good Life album, but complementing its musical image with romantic vocal ones. The Burnt My Fingers complements the image of the ballad even more, though somewhat faster at a musical tempo than is characteristic of sensual emotions.
The romantic musical chime of the I Was Going To Let You Know Me ballad enchants with melodic and dreamy atmosphere, continuing the sensual romance in the Wild Birds composition with a slight touch of sadness. The sound of the Loners composition combines the progressive complexity of musical passages and sensual vocal reflections.
Romantic musical reflections combine the Mirrors song's vocals doubt and musical mystery in a single musical stream. The Patchwork vocals intros, combined with musical variations, create an intriguing mystery that culminates in the ascension of banners of inspiration. The title track Picture Of A Good Life closes the album with a spellbinding symphonic musical melody and brooding vocal narrative.