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Never say never

February 25, 2020
Black Decades - Never A Word

Walking slowly in a gloomy procession Asphyxiate envelops vocal sadness with an atmosphere of impenetrable gloom, starting the Black Decades - Never A Wordalbum with soft sadness, but then exploding with a stream of furious drive, weaving a gloomy race of vocal and musical rage in the final part of the song.
After saddened dusk Automaton Incarnate explodes in a whirlwind of rampant drive flying at incredible speed in fierce anger and deadly malice.
Returning again to the leisurely narration of a sad ballad, the My Son composition envelops in an atmosphere of romantic sadness, but exploding in the final part by the swirling swirls of high-speed drive, preserving the melodic sadness of guitar passages and the experience of vocals phrases. Setting the direction for the development of the main motive in the introduction, I Carve sometimes explodes along with the vocal fury of a rampant drive, but again returns to the gallant magnitude of entry in instrumental bridges. However, the leitmotif of musical passages is preserved in all variations of tempo and musical shades.
Significantly marching in woeful oblivion, the Linger envelops the listener in the viscous dusk of musical mystery, making up the vocal part of gloomy phrases of deep growling. Then the Husk song completes the album in a mid-tempo anthem, inspiringly complementing the severity and sadness with the enchanting echoes of charming melody.