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Never return from exile

November 06, 2023
Paralysed Age - Exile

The saddened cry of vocal despair is complemented by the muted pulsation of keyboard passages, intertwining with the vocals in the saddened reverie of the Isolation Land song, giving the introduction of the Dark composition a twilight mystery to the further sound of the Paralysed Age - Exile album, with the intriguing essence of the vocals story, complemented by rhythmic pulsation and crowned with the melodic charm of instrumental passages.
Musical charm envelops the vocal narrative of the Sunday Never Comes song with echoes of distant hopes and future changes for the better, but the vocals complement these romantic memories with their regrets about losses and sadness. The twilight atmosphere of romantic feelings with shades of slight sadness lifts further vocals reflections to the top of the musical stream of the Wither Like Roses thoughtful ballad.
The unhurried march combines mysterious vocals phrases with the confident tread of the Listen To My Blood vocals story along the musical path to the chosen goal, enveloping the vocals reflections of the Never Return composition in a ghostly veil of fog of mysterious omens and musical charm. Then the emotional component of the vocal part confidently and assertively moves to the foreground of the musical image.
Fully revealing the essence of the Words That Eyes Can See title, the twilight musical fairy tale combines a vocals story with shades of oriental motifs and the chime of musical variations with background wordless chorales of invisible instrumental spirits, preceding the conclusion of the Exile album with an inspired vocals story and encouraging rolls of musical variations of the title composition, singing in the vocal part of its dreams.