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Never fading flame

October 30, 2020
Vulnere - Igneous

Mysterious haze of the Intro shrouds the listener in an obscure fog, but then the Forced Relocation continues the sound of the Vulnere - Igneous album, building the musical composition on the alternation of screaming and growling, complementing the vocal narration with mystical echoes of ancient fairy tales in soft drinks with a multi-tempo drive. After a short passage, the Course of the Sirens alternates fast drive with emotional screaming with a mid-tempo march with harsh growling. Of Sorcery and Compensation immediately enters with a vocal part, finishing the bars with whirlwinds of rapid drive, combining musical variations in a mesmerizing dance with vocal phrases.
Beginning with a burst of fast-paced drive, the Succumbing of the Deceiver then raises the decaying banners of dark anthem, then repeats various combinations of tempo and vocal styles over and over again. The Subterranean Womb song brings emotional screaming to the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with the harsh value of deep growling. Combining epic musical sagas with swift whirlwinds of unrestrained drive, And They Fall takes you into the vastness of dark fairy tales.
The sound of a bonfire and a mysterious guitar solo anticipate the development of a furious musical thriller, filled with veils of mystical mystery. But then the Conjuration of the Watcher by Way of Three Sisters track enhances the charm of the epic atmosphere by alternating and combining variations of rhythm and melody. The Granite Ziggurat explodes uncontrollably with furious drive, combining a vocal alternation of screaming and growling with a deadly dance of guitar riffs. In the middle of the composition, the instrumental bridge evokes invisible spirits with muffled whispers, but then the impetuous drive returns again. The final composition of the album Descending Into Agility subdues musical variations to vocal phrases, whipping up a rapid surge of rage at the end of the bars.