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Nemesis that will start revelations

July 11, 2022
Gladenfold - Nemesis

After the introduction, combining a rapid drive and a symphonic melody, vocal inspiration appears in the foreground of the Carnival Of The Hunter song, shrouded in enchanting covers of fascinating melodies, and complemented by foreals of support in the pre-chorus. The Chiara's Blessing composition continues in the Gladenfold - Nemesis album this unity of melody and drive, complementing it with vocal variations in the form of alternating dreamy clean vocals and sharp scream-growling vocals.
The main motif of the Stone Of Storms epic saga takes you on a journey through the expanses of fairy tales, continuing with the sparkling chime of the keyboard passages of the Nemesis title track's intro, which is then complemented by sparkling passages of musical drive and vocals variations.
Romantic ballad Saraste envelops vocals reflections with enchanting covers of melodic atmosphere and musical artistry, behind which the Solitude's Bane composition raises banners of valiant grandeur and pays tribute to the unforgettable feats of the heroes.
Maintaining the atmosphere of melodic charm of the Revelations majestic anthem marches in the unity of vocal inspiration and musical melody, sometimes complemented by background vocal chorales, continuing with majestic artistry and incredible variability of the musical originality of the Tapestry Of Creation composition.
After a brief preparation and weaving of the axis of the main motif, the Broken song confidently and persistently pushes the inspired vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image. After the bright guitar solo of the introduction, the Gloria Eternal composition crowns the crests of its ox with vocal phrases, alternating furious screaming with the dreaminess of pure vocals. The Where Mountains Mourn brooding tale of a wise skald completes the album.