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Neither ground control, nor captain John

March 13, 2017
Order To Ruin - Lunar Asylum

Even the distant future space travelers will have to be in Order To Ruin - Lunar Asylum after the long journey and the incredible adventures!
Transcending Superior Cosmos (Intro) creates an eerie, frightening atmosphere, complementing the symphonic keyboard passages in the whispers of invisible ghosts.
High-speed bursts of Planet Zero guitar rage and aggressive screaming of vocal phrases alternate with gentle melodic main motive inclusive breaks and powerful allegations of growling vocals.
A broken, changeable rhythm is expected for The Mystery Of A Madman, vocals demandingly and aggressively tearing to the forefront of the musical palette, insistently and fearlessly.
Melancholic and romantic melody initially assumes the role of the Dreamdemon main motive, then have complemented by musical nuances, vocal delights and versatile variations.
Speedy Necromorph drive crushes the resistance, swiftly rushes to meet the goal, known only by him personally. But a continuous spurt combines aggression with melody.
Beginning with so lyrical melody, LZ128 rushes into fierce impulse towards the vortex of musical frenzy, knocking down all conceivable obstacles by the verse. Then the lyric melody, in a more powerful and dense pitch, returns, accompanying distant, distorted voices - but this is followed by a fierce impulse.
The storyteller with his story, to the sound of bells with alarming accompaniment, begins to broadcast at the beginning of the title track Lunar Asylum, further the alarm continues to increase fears at an average pace. With the introduction of the vocals, the tempo increases, in the verse the musical blade swiftly rushes forward, suspending its flight for the time of the bridge. And so - again and again: furious impetuosity in verses, thoughtful reflections in bridges and choruses!
Thoughtfully and dreamily beginning with a gentle, melodious motif, then Arcane Walker violently and irreconcilably raises the speed and pace of the narrative, increasing the power and intensity of sound. The chorus melody solo guitar raises over the fierce drive, then in the instrumental solo creating so mystical charm.
Thoughtful, varying different shades of average tempo, composition Predators From Gaia completes the album, shackling dreamy ideas into anxious meditations with the alarming chain of tough riffs.