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Neither blessing, nor damnation - just total annihilation!

May 25, 2016
Enthean - Priests Of Annihilation

The blessing that God gives, priests describes to parishioners, Curse of God - also they are.
But there's Enthean - Priests Of Annihilation!
Slowly, slowly begins 1054, after taking a violent explosion of guitars rage ,mystical keyboards surround this mysterious surge. Then the narrator calms instrumental aggression by his vocals. The melody flows like melted candle wax, changing rhythm, palette and canvas.
The sound grows from the bottom in intro of Tones of Desecration then a melody focuses on the saturation of the structure on the average rate, accelerating only in the middle on an instrumental solo. The keyboards drives leitmotif throughout the whole song.
Guitar, deprived of attention and dissatisfied with low stance comes to the fore, and guitar riffs determined entirely the whole Before You, I Am. Before keyboards, guitars I am, yeah! In instrumental middle instrums muted and calms, choral chants sounds on its background. Sound , reminiscent of driving nails in the coffin, ends that composition!
Leitmotif's melody from the first notes of the Dysthnasia will not let you go - envelops and captivates all its own, depriving consciousness will not allow to think about choosing another.
Pumping rage from the start, Ekpyrosis rush between two extremes - violent rage and melodic keyboard passages and guitar riffs that pervade all of the track's flesh. But judging by the end of the composition, melodic component won!
Howling spirits, rushing and hover around starts Behold the Primordial, then, wild animosity of instrumental rabies rolls waves on the altar, surrounded by anger and mystical horror. Ends these attempts guitar riff crying.
Orchestral entry Bring Forth the Raven Then intrumenty like dancing around the invisible axis, describing the waltzes and other dances, inaccessible for understanding. End brings the guitar solo, the approximate to hard rock or the blues. Variety is sustained!
Acoustic Guitar gives us space to Invalesc de Profundis. Then the guitars becomes harder and saturate composition by its snarl. And then we hear ... well, not "Imperial March", but something very reminiscent to its style. The end is again reduced to something like the blues, improvisation bass guitar, keyboards intermezzo, guitar riffs that lead away from the present, curtains, torn by the wind. Brief guitars tightening means only - THATS ALL! The final!