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Nature preserves the atmosphere of pristine charm

March 30, 2020
Ilium - Enviro-Metal (EP)

Showing introductory shades of the main motive, Golden Toad then surrounds the vocal narrative with tapes, captivating with a melodic sound and captivating to listen to the Ilium - Enviro-Metal (EP) album.
The dense drum roll precedes the development of an extremely melodic musical sound of a fascinating guitar solo, alternating with the Pere David's Deer narration of a fairy tale by a vocal part, intertwining with vocal phrases in a charming chorus dance.
Thoughtful vocal reflections intertwine with lace of bewitching melodics, marching with sound of the Greenpeace song on the verge between a pensive medium-tempo narration and the charm of a romantic ballad.
The harsh drive of the American Crocodile intro guitar riffs recedes before the mysterious tale of the vocal narrative, from time to time supplementing the instrumental bridges and interweaving in a single musical charm of choruses.
Charming with intro guitar solo, Genetic Memory weaves a bewitching lace of an epic saga, captivating with the unity of the vocal part and mesmerizing variations of musical melody. I Got You completes the album, enveloping the pulsating procession of the march of march with the covers of a symphony of majestic organ passages.