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Nature gives blessings, but also requires a response

February 08, 2020
Wolfpakk - Nature Strikes Back

After an intriguing introduction and a thunderclap, the title track begins the Wolfpakk - Nature Strikes Back album, with a swift drive and inspired vocals cries, embodying the wrath of nature. Chorales, combining female and male vocals, develop the epic lace of the musical saga, shrouded in the tales of The Legend and fairy tales.
Softly and gently setting the melody with the chime of strings Beyond This Side then captivates with a stream of mesmerizing drive, pulsating with a mysterious musical narration in the couplet and developing the main motive given for the introduction to the chorus. Then the epic appeals and echoes of forgotten Land of Wolves fairy tales develop into an impressive and charming tale of epic motifs of a melodic ballad, triumphant of the great hit melody.
The echoes of the cosmic currents soar in mesmerizing solo keyboard passages, anticipating an artistic introduction of a wave of swift drive, bringing fierce vocal phrases to the forefront of Under Surveillance musical narration. Wrapping a swirl of an exciting motive, Restore Your Soul then again and again emphasizes the name of the song. The viscous echoes of the musical twilight slowly marches with the sound of the Lone Ranger epic saga, leading the vocal narrative to the front edge of the twilight limits of the fairytale expanses Capturing the whirlwind of the main motive, One Day captivates him with sound, intriguing the vocal narrative of the verse and emphasizing the song's name again and again in the chorus.
After the battle march, continuing set in the Scottish "The Brave" exploding in an unbridled whirlwind of rapid drive, Revolution returns to the style of the beginning of the album, chasing in a high-speed wind of power metal music, enveloped by echoes of melodic guitar and inspired vocal tunes. The gentle motives of the A Mystery romantic ballad sensitively and gently envelop the bewitching atmosphere of emotional experiences, weaving a bewitching lace of vocal variations. The shot appeals to the musical whirlwinds of the final composition of the album Lovers Roulette, easily and naturally flying on the wings of desire for will and sparkling with melodic motifs sparkling in the sun.