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Native motifs remains in the soul despite the distance

July 21, 2019
Waylander - Eriu's Wheel

With the noise of the campfire and the soft, gentle chime of the strings and the mysterious chants of the flute, the bard begins the narration of his Waylander - Eriu's Wheel saga, weaving them with the muffled whisper of fairies amid the opening of the gates of the Betwixt Times fairy tale. Then the furious drive, hard but surely, begins to unfold a canvas of musical narration, emphasizing the significant fragments of the As Samhain Comes composition with vocal phrases.
The acoustic bardic ballad at the beginning of the Shortest Day, Longest Night composition is transformed into a vivid epic narration, wrapping harsh vocal phrases with sparkling melody and introducing folklore influences with flute passages.
The main motif of the Imbolc song envelops with so fascinating lace of folk elements, weaving a fascinating canvas of Celtic tales. In the introduction, the chime of guitar strings retreats with the sound of a flute's solo, creating inspiration for the main motive of the The Vernal Dance composition. Continuing the dominant dominance of the flute in the Beltine intro, the guitars picks up its melody and the musical passages while weaveing fascinating covers for the vocal part, preserving the enchanting folklore influences in the As The Sun Stands Still bewitching ballad.
Beginning with a harsh and stubborn mid-tempo march in the chorus, the charming image of the flute crowns the musical image, then the solemn hymn recedes before meditative reflections, but returns to the finale of the To Feast At Lughnasadh composition. The interweaving of acoustic and guitar passages sets the direction for the development of the main motive, then the rest of the instruments complement it with their shades; in the vocal part of Autumnal Blaze choruses the chants of harsh vocals and the sparkling children's voices of mystical fairies alternates, completing the album with a fairy tale atmosphere.