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Narratives at the edge of time

November 13, 2021
Protomythos - Narratives

The collection of tales, fables, and stories collected in the musical collection of the Protomythos - Narratives album begins with a thoughtful and melodic Trap Door track, thoughtfully telling of an adventurous danger, enveloping the vocals narrative with soft melodic covers. The On The Fence song adds some rebellious tones to the sound of the vocal part, giving a more emotional mood to the sound.
The acoustic Before You Fall song complements the vocal experience with the atmosphere of memories of the events experienced, describing with lyrics the change of personality. The Edge Of Time song continues the soft chiming of the acoustic musical variations, bringing a duet and hopeful notes to the vocal part. But then, keeping the leitmotif, the music transforms into sparks of progressive variations, complementing the vocal experience with soft guitars passages.
Symphonic musical grandeur creates the atmosphere of gentle chiming of the acoustic guitar solo, but after the introduction of the vocals the musical essence of the Splintered song is somewhat condensed, although it is pierced by the leitmotif of the guitar solo of the introduction. But then the electric guitar solo brings additional notes of musical charm. In the sounding of the Broken Satellite composition at first only romantic chiming of acoustic guitar strings complements it, but then the music is filled with more and more new transformations, especially fascinating with mesmerizing guitar solo.
The musical sound of the Truth Unanswered song persistently and confidently charms with melodic sounding musical variations, combining chiming guitar riffs and summing up the vocal phrases with keyboard passages. The Your Story composition starts again with a gentle acoustic suite, but then the music and the vocals acquire the shades of insistence and persistence, confidently marching towards the intended goal. The Not My Light song closes the album with a pensive ballad, shrouded in the romantic atmosphere of obscure nature of reflection.