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Myths, fairy tales - we all remember!

June 19, 2020
Apophis (AUS) - Echoes in Eternity

After the thoughts of the introduction, the Hearts Worn by Savagery sweeps together a swift drive and enchanting melody, alternating between furious fury and majestic thoughts. The White Wolf of Ruin continues the musical narration of the Apophis (AUS) - Echoes in Eternity album, alternating explosions of a furious drive and a procession of melodic grandeur, enchanting with bewitching guitar solos. However, the fragments of the furious thriller are also not personal melodic charm.
An alarming whirlwind of furious musical expectations raises the sound of The Three Hunters song on the wings of rampant drive. The symphonic grandeur of a bewitching melody intertwines with the fierce of furious drive, sometimes uniting in a single stream of musical narration of Hollow Virtues Immemorial composition.
The epic narration of the Verdun-Sur-Meuse song marches with a proud procession of melodic charm, weaving together musical variations in the bewitching lace of melodic majesty. The Fall of Beleriand explodes with impetuous rampant, wrapping an irresistible drive around the whirlwind of guitar solo melody. Introducing the influences of meditation of Tibetan monks the Murakumo-No-Tsurugi track begins with an atmosphere of incredible calm, then marches with a medium-tempo narration of a pulsating march, introducing experiences of mental turmoil and varying the rhythm with artistic improvisations.
Exploding with the indignation of a furious drive and unbridled rebellion Lernaean Hydra anticipates the final composition of the album, embodying the greatness of the Echoes in Eternity title song the incredible grandeur of melodic interpretations, artistically twisting them in a single lace of the musical canvas.