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Mystical existence in this space

February 24, 2023
Alchemist (CZE), 2007 -  Disaster Area

Acting as an introduction, the My empty House... instrumental track sounds as the first musical steps of the Alchemist (CZE) - Disaster Area album with an intriguing mystery, developing in the mysterious sound of its Disaster Area title track, combining rhythmic musical passages with the twilight intrigue of vocals narration, accentuating the names of the first compositions in the assertive rolls of an insistent chorus, culminating in an artistic improvisation of the guitars solo.
The guitars passages of the introduction set the way for the further development of the main motif of the Call of the Nature song, rolling out the musical canvas for the procession of the vocal part, preceding the persistent assertive drive of The Alchemist self-titled composition, wrapping guitar riffs and vocal part with sparkling tapes of keyboards variations.
Weaving an intriguing lace of artistic musical variations in the introduction, the Bestia song accelerates the tempo with the introduction of vocals, taming the swiftness in the instrumental bridges bringing oriental motifs to the sound and combining these musical elements in the procession of the chorus, anticipating the twilight mystery of the Lost Souls intro, continuing with a mysterious stalking vocals.
The confident persistence of the musical passages paves the way for the vocal narrative of the Angel of Darkess mid-tempo march, culminating in a twilight introduction preceding the ghostly mystery of the vocal narrative of the Holy War musical tale. Industrial and futuristic impulses in the introduction precede the genre and stylistic fusion of musical shades in the sound of the Power of Mass final composition of the album.