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Mystical dragons do not trust the aliens

February 11, 2020
Drakum - Zombie Dragons from Outer Space

U're Fucked Obviously anticipates the development of highly unexpected musical finds and solutions. Developing the expectations set by the introduction of the Drakum - Zombie Dragons from Outer Space album combines fury, power and drive in the The Big One as a single musical narrative, topped by pulsations of angry growling, alternating and combined with clean vocals.
No jokes, but the Drunken Heroes won’t miss one - you have to obey their will ... and, as a result, put to bed! The button accordion, accordion and folk festival attract to the rapid unity of the Ragman musical power of vocal fury, crowned with sparks of violin motifs. Folklore motifs come to the Urashima fore, enthralling musical passages in a fast-paced race for the whirlwinds of their chimes. The echoes of cosmic currents intertwine in dance with musical passages: so We Are Alive is charming swirl of bewitching dance at the fairground. The wanderings, whose echoes are very reminiscent of an Irish song about a sailor ... early in the morning, are interwoven in the Bonfire bewitching narrative with other folklore variations crowned by a certain share of inspired symphony.
Weaving dances entwine vocal reflections with whirlwinds of marine romance, however, the Pirate Dreams vocals retains the primacy of severe growling. The Tambors de Llibertat instrumental suite captivates with a symphonic expectation of further musical solutions, keeping obscure chorales in the background, then powerfully and severely continuing the motives on the verge of rapid drive and medium-tempo narrative in the Fins l'Ultim Ale (feat. Umbra Hatzler) song.
Walking in an inspired narrative with a considerable share of romance I Am Here fascinates with instrumental passages, anticipating the end of the album with the Zombie Dragons from Outer Space title track, combining drive and melody together.