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Mysterious omens creates imaginary illusions

October 28, 2018
Circles - The Last One

Alarmed and pensively beginning, Winter brings up in the enchanting vocal festival of the chorus bright covers of inspiration, starting the Circles - The Last One album in such a contrasting musical manner of verses and chorus.
Anxiety and doubts appears in the Breaker intro, then the vocals bring a wave of inspiring phrases, again alternating concern and captivating inspiration. In the middle part of the composition, the drive retreats, brooding inspiration comes to the forefront of the musical image, but anxieties complete the musical image.
Romantic ballad The Messenger continues the album with soft and enchanted musical lace, somewhat shifting towards the middle tempo rhythm in the verses, but returning to the marvelous ballad romance in the choruses.
Arrival continues the romantic atmosphere, starting with complex progressive drum parts, which are complemented by a dense and harsh musical background. The vocals bring a touch of shyness, exploding into an emotional flash in the chorus. The instrumental part completes the composition bewitching with a bright interlacing of guitar solos and keyboards passages. Romantic reflections of the Tether song continues the emotional celebration of pensive romance, transforming dreamy vocal phrases with abrupt inquiring phrases.
Shivering vocal phrases begins Resolution with mysterious thoughtful reflections with an acoustic musical background, then the music is shrouded in progressive twilight, vocals rise high, raising the tonality. In the instrumental part, the musical image of the composition is complemented by mysterious epic instrumental passages. Completing the romantic reflections Dream Sequence rolls with waves of a harsh drive, complementing the album with uncharted power so far.
Returning again to romantic reflections, thoughtful vocal phrases envelop spellbinding psychedelic atmospheric musical covers. In instrumental bridges and choruses, the music builds fascinating castles for inspiration of vocal delights. Then, the Renegade song's music is pumped up by waves of anxious drive, stubbornly pushing the pre-suspension of thunder and calamities advancing into the Blueprints for a Great Escape intro, pumping up the dim flow of the main motive, distracting from the experiences in inspiration of the choruses.
Epic and mysterious Alone with Ghosts composition completes the album with enchanted fabulous motifs, vocals complements the laces of progressive musical passages with emotions and dreams.