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Mysterious images are faded into a haze

January 10, 2022
Dubgaill, 2021 -  Naissance

The charm of the musical improvisations and sparkling guitar solos begins the musical narrative of the Dubgaill - Naissance album with the sound of the Flying Ectasy track, then puffs up the Main Theme atmosphere of musical mystery with the background pulsing of the leitmotif, ending the sound with a thoughtful guitar solo.
The symphonic introduction creates an intriguing anticipation for the further development of the sound of the Looking Back epic saga, foreshadowing the energetic heartbeat and playful merriment of The Way Home composition. The Ride brings to the sound of the album echoes of bard tales, supplemented by echoes of old memories and light sadness.
Beginning and ending with a brooding acoustic guitar solo, the Pacific instrumental composition is elevated in the middle by a bright guitar solo. Mystical brooding and echoes of forgotten fairy tales with elements of oriental motifs mesmerizing melodic mystery and creates the Ripples atmosphere of Tibetan monk motifs. The Etude acoustic guitar solo envelops the mesmerizing unity of the acoustic guitar duo.
The final chapter of the instrumental album of artistic and progressive musical passages is created by a dylogy consisting of the Epic Journey Pt. 1 and Epic Journey Pt. 2 tracks.