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Mysterious echoes of ancient fairy tales remains forever and ever

September 03, 2022
Yelbegen - Kafir-i Azam

The title track of the Yelbegen - Kafir-i Azam album begins a twilight musical tale with mysterious whispers and vague phrases of invisible spirits, creating an intriguing twilight of mysterious veils, culminating in a vocal proclamation and tunes of dervishes, after which the musical dance of the Serzenis canto bursts with a furious whirlwind of the frantic drive of a musical thriller into this twilight haze.
The mesmerizing mystery of the introduction sets the direction for the development of the Izdirap leitmotif, then crowned with emotional shades of vocal phrases weaving the sparkling lace of a musical fairy tale, followed by a confident and deliberate procession of the Anlatilanlar Vasat rhythmic march, driven by the confident significance of vocals phrases, followed by sparkling ascensions of musical improvisations.
The melodic lace of guitars fingering riffs weaves the enchanting lace of the romantic covers of the Hicligin Gazabi sadened ballad, in which a vocals narrative then comes to the forefront of the musical image, then rolling the waves of the Gecmisin Zindanlarinda furious musical thriller, entwined with shades of twilight echoes of forgotten fairy tales. The musical fairy tale of the Bagnaz Beyinler composition captivates with a fascinating musical intrigue, supplemented then by an emotional and mysterious vocal story, rushing into the rapid flight of the Iblis-i Devran song, unrestrainedly soaring in pursuit of the desired goal and irrepressibly achieving its achievement, embodying this in the solemn procession of the Ruhsuz Kadavra final instrumental anthem of the album, summing up its musical story.