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My weapons are so bloodthirsty!

June 29, 2022
Helsott - Woven

The self-titled Helsott composition begins the Helsott - Woven album's musical narrative with a combative drive, then combines the reverence for military prowess in the sound of an epic saga, combining and alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part. Then the sound transforms into a symphonic fairy tale, complemented by the charm of the singing lady's vocals, but again returns to the unrestrained fighting drive and the valiant echo of fighting songs. The majestic introduction of the Agamemnon musical fairy tale anticipates the breathtaking sound of a musical symphony and a vocal part that combines screaming, growling and mesmerizing melody of female vocals. The Axe, Shield and Battlefield epic saga builds a musical structure based o n vocal alternations and transformations, singing the epic feats of heroes in battles and duels, sung in legends.
After a brief preparation for the intro, the Painless Journey of Death composition speeds up the musical sound in a swift flight towards the chosen targets. The Cessation (feat. Mike Pardi) rhythmic march confidently, clearly and tightly drives its step into the musical path, sometimes soaring in the acceleration of musical passages. The Sacking of Lindisfarne (feat. Josiah Guile & Mike Pardi) composition continues the influence of guest musicians on the musical style of the album, rolling in waves of a stubborn battle march, diversifying the vocal part with the melodies of the guest vocalist, who gives sparkling charm with his clean vocals.
The bewitching tenderness and charm of female vocals rolls out the musical canvas of the Now His Fate musical fairy tale, in which the unity of drive and melodics characteristic of this album and the group as a whole under the banner of folklore motives, which are even more clearly manifested in the sound of the Eight Drunken Celts final epic story.