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My funeral is near

September 15, 2023
Kvaen -The Funera Pyre

A rapid whirlwind of guitar riffs lifts the vocals lyrics of the Revenge by Fire song on the wings of unbridled drive, starting the musical fairy tale of the Kvaen -The Funera Pyre album with a unity of melodic charm and rapid tempo, continuing the musical greatness in the sound of the Yee Naaldlooshii composition, which thickens the rhythm while maintaining a rapid tempo and the unity of bard ballads and epic sagas.
Delicate musical motifs begin to weave a bewitching lace of the main motive of the The Funeral Pyre album's track, which is then complemented by sparkling waves of musical drive and charismatic inspiration of vocals lyrics, combined in the exciting sound of a musical fairy tale, captivating into the vastness of legends of mesmerizing valor and unforgettable exploits. The whirlwind of rapid drive of the Septem Peccata Mortalia song continues the musical story of this album with a rapid pursuit, intertwining music and vocals in conscientious swiftness and rush.
Rain, bad weather and distant wolf howls create the backdrop for the enchanting guitar solo intro, which further weaves the veils of atmospheric musical charm for The Wolves Throne mid-tempo musical march, ending with the solemn step of the As We Serve the Masters Plan mesmerizing musical fairy tale.
The guitar solo of the Bestial Winter composition weaves a bewitching charm of musical covers, which then envelop the vocals story in a rapid whirlwind, anticipating the majestic solemnity and bewitching sound of the Hymn to Kvenland musical fairy tale, which ends the album with epic melodies and an instrumental symphony.