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Musical diversity unites ages and realms

January 10, 2019
 Black Debbath - Norsk Barsk Metal

Echoes of folk motives appear as acoustic passages, interlacing in a sad romantic ballad, then approaching the vocal, rising in a rebellious stream of gloomy drive, slowing down the development of musical motifs in bridges and returning to romantic doubts in the Norsk barsk metal chorus.
Appeals of fans, repeating the name of the Tons of Rock song with inspirational screams continues the Black Debbath - Norsk Barsk Metal album with a viscous medium-tempo melody, weaving together several genres and bringing the spirit of the 70s.
Even more stuck in the dull musical dusk, the vocals move slowly and thoughtfully, emphasizing the title of PILS! composition along with a chorus of companions.
Leisurely musical waves of the Pappa lukter tusj song add to the album the trend of blues romance, discarding the usual additions of English-language poems and returning to the native lyrics. Continuing the ascension of the native language, the Folelsesmessig Inkontinent song envelops the surroundings with the twilight of pensive romance and brings inspiration to those pensive with a soft haze of enchanting inspiration.
An energetic drive rolls in waves of doubts and feelings, complementing musical changes with a gloomy mood in the bridges and emphasizing the 1001-1002-1003 numbers in the choruses.
Fascinating passages carry the thoughts and mind to the limits of illusory guesses, complementing the album with artistry, quite unexpected from Fuck all you language posers! song with such a humorous title.
Full of inspirational speeches and fairy-tale epics Legg monarkiet ut pa anbud! ballad complements the album with influences of the wicked metal, but artistically and fascinatingly enveloping instrumental bridges with fabulous passages sparkling with fabulous keyboard parts.
The alarm clock and the morning dispute Anti-Tatt Norge invoke musical passages that even more clearly and confidently develop the passages specified in the album before — weaving blues tones into the Hele Norge roper ulv composition and the gloomy gothic atmosphere of dark romanticism. Separately, it should be noted a variety of vocal, showing even the growling and screaming phrases.
Painful thought and gloomy haze of thought, shrouded in tunes of sophisticated romanticism, completes the album with the Etiske retningslinjer for tryllekunstnere ballad.