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Music and words are understood differently by everyone

November 30, 2020
Flyte (GBR) - The Loved Ones

Artistic symphony and echoes of 70s art-rock kicks off the Flyte (GBR) - The Loved Ones album by combining inspirational vocals tunes and laces of the Faithless musical passages. While somewhat transforming the musical narrative with musical doubts and vocal experiences, the Victoria Falls asks a lot of so unclear questions. The keyboards solo creates an atmosphere of romantic inspiration and unity of male and female vocals in a duet with the dominance of male vocals in the foreground of the Cathy Come Home composition.
Even more elevating the romanticism of the union of male and female vocals, the Orphans Of The Storm complements the vocal duo with the chime of an acoustic guitar. Inspiration of the Sliding Doors keyboard suites takes to ascending vocals in exalted hope. The Little White Lies keyboards symphony once again throws away the difference between eras and returns us to the dreamy expanses of the 70s of the last century, uniting with vocal ascension. The Annie And Alistair brings a vocal symphony into unity with an acoustic musical component.
Rhythmically rolling the pulsations of the main motive the Echoes crowns his musical image with vocal inspiration. Unrolling the acoustic inspiration of music symphony anticipates the Spiral sublime vocal reflections. Keyboard suites bring 70s rock artistry. The Archie, Marry Me crowns the album with quite unexpected vocal confessions.