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Much around is incomprehensible and unpredictable

October 06, 2020
Aisumasen - Tunguska

A significant procession of the A Ray Of Darkness solemn march rolls out the crimson canvas of the main motive, along which the vocal part walks slowly, occasionally showing its harsh essence. Continuing the musical narration of the Aisumasen - Tunguska album, the introduction of Auspice composition enchants with the soft romanticism of a guitar solo, but then the music rolls over with waves of dark severity, complemented by vocal growling. But the romantic mystery ends the song with an enigmatic obscurity.
The Diamond Is There song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, marching in a sad procession of unhurried sound. But then the vocal part is transformed by the unity of the background growling and the baritone phrases of clean vocals in the foreground. A monologue of reflections of clean vocals, complemented by a pensive rare note, the chime of a guitar solo, pleases the mood of the Ocean Desert introduction, creating an atmosphere of mysterious eastern monasteries. But then the music thickens and hardens its sound into unity with the harsh growling vocals.
In the unhurried and mesmerizing sound of the At/From/In mysterious musical unhurriedness, shrouded in mystical inspiration, the inspirational phrases of clean vocals dominates. The guitar solo of the introduction slowly and thoughtfully sets the direction for the development of the Belong To Winter song's main motive, the vocals begins in a muffled and restrained manner on the verge of growling, but then solemnly and proudly raises the dreamy banners of clean vocals.
Returning to harsh growling vocals, the Staring Into The Sun music shrouds the vocal narration in a twilight fog. The guitar solo in the instrumental sound of the final part finishes the songs with a captivating whirlwind of impressive drive. The One Day Poff Gone track ends the album with a mysterious reverie.