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Mourning the dearest

April 12, 2021
Eric David Rose - Crying for the River and for Us

The guitar chime is woven with charm of vocal reflections into the sound of the Everybody Walks You In song. The title composition continues the sound of the Eric David Rose - Crying for the River and for Us album with cleaned reflections, slowly and significantly dading the importance of these reflections and memories. The vocal party complements the dominant men of the male vocal by the background notes of a singing lady, giving the additional charm to a vocal party. The Month of Returning discards thoughtfullness and gives greater importance to rhythmic ripples of the musical accompaniment.
Inhibit the musical main motive, the vocal batch at the top of the I Had to Go Home musical image. The This Lonely Math develops musical urges of the previous composition in a more dreamy atmosphere, returning to the memories of youth adventures.
Acoustic ballad is enchanting the unity of vocal dreaminess and the sympathy chime of guitar strings, complementing the I Would Rather Bid You Lie with Me vocals party on the background. The Night We Broke All the Ice continues to romantic thoughtfulness, bringing a vocal party to the forefront of romantic ballads. The When, Wine completes the album by vocal synthesis, which is governing in dance with musical caution and unclear expectations.