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Mountains weeps their tears of waterfalls and springs

July 27, 2019
Uburen - And the Mountains Weep

The clash of swords and battle foreshadows the Oskoreia introduction, then the Uburen - And the Mountains Weep album begins with a triumph of gloomy musical covers, shrouding the vocal with mid-tempo twilight, complementing it with guitar insets. Starting with reflections, Remembrance rolls in waves of a dark hymn, slowly and significantly increasing the atmosphere of a dark celebration. Then to some degree the music is accelerated, stepping over the edge of the average pace. But in the final part, returning to it again. The vocals immediately enter and the music reveals the essence of the Entrance to Valhalla main motive, appealing to the inspiration of the chorus.
Significantly and confidently Fimbul envelops the anthem of dark inspiration, bringing in a vocal phrase a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, rolling out a musical sheet of gloomy haze. The guitar solo rolls with a wave of despair and hopelessness in the intro, then vocals slowly and thoughtfully complements the musical image of the Fredlaus composition.
The title track The Mountains Weep begins with a captivating guitar solo, then weaves around vocal phrases with lace of dark guitar giffs, weaving around them a captivating lace of the triumph of darkness and a hymn to militant trends. Valkyri starts with all the same thoughtful leisurely, but then transformed into a bright and exciting stream of a harsh drive, shrouded in melodious guitar delights. But the instrumental part returns to the same unhurried reverie, appealing to it in the final part.
The guitar solo of the Huldra introduction angrily and fiercely inspires rebellious ideas, then the vocal compresses the tempo of the composition to the lower limits of the middle, but the guitar riffs of the introduction return to the chorus.
Into the Void completes the album, enveloping vocal phrases in the enchanting twilight of musical passages. In the chorus and instrumental part, the dark essence of the musical image is completed in a leisurely manner.