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Moksha is searching for a new servants

April 26, 2022
Last of Lucy, 2022 -  Moksha

The title track starts the mystical story of the The Last of Lucy - Moksha concept album dedicated to Indian mythology, then brings the mystical echoes of the Agni musical composition and the Aforethought musical mystery into its sound.
Rolling in waves of rhythmic and powerful drive, the Ego Death composition captivates the listener to plunge and soak in the atmosphere of the album, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the sonorous and meaningful Ritual Of The Abraxas march. Vocal persistence in the combination and alternation of screaming and growling come to the fore in the sound of the Parasomnia composition, complemented by echoes and shades of Indian folklore in musical variations.
The vocal part exacerbates its significance in the sound of the Temple Of Rati song, combined with unexpected changes in rhythm that take you on a journey through the expanses of musical mystery, further developing these mystical echoes in the sound of the Ganga's Cenote track. The Covenant rhythmic march stubbornly and persistently hammers vocal phrases into the significance of the sound and calls for attention in the sound of The Demiurge final composition of the album.