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Modern times uses wireless entertaiment

May 30, 2023
Within Temptation - Wireless (EP)

The intriguing nervousness of the introduction of the Within Temptation - Wireless (EP) album's title track weaves the twilight lace of the mysterious atmosphere, then enveloping vocal doubts with the twilight veils of musical mystery, then weaving music and vocals in an enchanting dance.
After the vocal announcement in the introduction, the music rolls in the mesmerizing waves of the Don't Pray For Me twilight symphony, lifting vocals phrases to the crests of musical waves, enchanting with the charizable sound of the singing lady's vocal story.
The combination of futuristic modernism and vocal charm in the sound of the Shed My Skin musical fairy tale leaves a pleasant impression and expands musical horizons.
Continuing this stylistic unity, The Purge composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, enthralling musical passages to follow vocal phrases along the chosen musical path.
Starting the musical story of the Entertain You song with the appeal of male vocals, the vocal part brings to the album a freedom-loving spirit of rebellion, perseverance and perseverance, completing the main part of the release with uncompromising rush.
However, a nice addition to the sound and presentation of this release will be instrumental versions of the songs - as if fans are offered a test in the form of an attempt at vocal competition with the band, arranging the compositions in the same order as their full-length versions with a vocal part: Wireless, Don't Pray For Me, Shed My Skin, The Purge, and Entertain You, concluding this release with such a pleasant and interesting musical challenge.