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March 13, 2021
Darjeeling - Maguna

The bass guitar sets the direction for the development of the main motive of the Print Bullets song, then the vocal experiences gives some notes of a progressive combination of styles, opening the Darjeeling - Maguna album with some influence of cosmic currents. The Over The Sea continues the musical procession of the album's compositions with a romantic ballad. The drumbeat of the Read It In The News intro is combined with the echo of medieval racial sagas, complemented by emotional exclamations of a series of vocal changes.
The Darj Christmas ballad's artistic lace of musical romanticism envelops brooding vocals reflections in a soft atmosphere. The In My Name song continues the ballad procession with a saddened romance, in which the heartbeat of the bass guitar echoes with a soft guitar chime. The Noyau song transforms the musical romance with the addition of Hawaiian tunes.
The impatient swiftness of the musical motives, complemented by vocal emotionality, is crowned in the sound of the Got Away composition with artistic keyboard motifs. Progressive musical ideas are combined with sophisticated vocal thoughtfulness, enveloped in the Meet U In Rl veil of artistic keyboard space trends. The Bisous finishes the album with a complex artistic sound, in which notes of lounge and chanson are manifested.