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Mist of the exiled pariah's twilight tales

April 24, 2022
Memory Garden - 1349

Rhythmically pressing with a stubborn musical procession, the Shallow Waters song brings a guitar solo some burdensomeness to the sound of the Memory Garden - 1349 album, wrapping the vocals phrases with guitar riffs of the main motive, anticipating the intriguing mystery and twilight sound of the Pariah story, in which the musical twilight gives way to the vocal narrative. The Distrust song rolls in waves of energetic pressure, uncompromisingly and stubbornly marching along the chosen musical path.
The twilight Rivers Run Black saga rolls out a musical canvas of bewitching mystery with the hazy charm of vocal narration, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of The Flagellants musical image, complementing vocal reflections with musical passages. The mystery of The Messenger musical charm weaves the musical lace of a twilight fairy tale. The Empiric stubbornly, drivingly and stubbornly admonishes the inevitability of the chosen path, steaming with vocals appeals, again and again.
The 1349 title track anticipates the final chapter of the album, entering with a bewitching guitar solo and carefully and painstakingly preparing the listener for the further vocal narration of the Blood Moon and Unrestrained romantic compositions, wrapping the vocals phrases with veils of enchanting sadness and romantic detachment.