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Metamorphosis of majestic judgment

February 12, 2023
Judicator, 2022 -  The Majesty of Decay

The intriguing musical atmosphere fascinates with the symphonic sound of the Euphoric Parasitism canto, enveloping the vocals narrative, combining the main vocals with the musical support of colleagues and the charm of musical passages, continuing the musical story of the Judicator - The Majesty of Decay album with the progressive artistry of the title track, developing the unity of music and vocals in melodic charm. Wrapping vocals reflections in the veils of twilight sadness, the From the Belly of the Whale song combines vocals reflections with musical reverie.
In the sound of the Daughter of Swords symphonic suite, the music envelops vocals phrases with enchanting covers, further combining vocals intriguing mystery with the sound of the Ursa Minor twilight tale and the sparkling ascension of the Ursa Major composition.
Energetic mazutsal drive weaves inspired musical covers around The High Priestess enchanting vocals chants, complementing the main vocals with chorales of musical companions. The sounds of nature and the night forest give an intriguing mystery to The Black Elk musical fairy tale, carefully and painstakingly preparing the way for the entry of the vocal part, then rolling the twilight musical atmosphere of the Judgment composition and drawing into the charm of the mysterious wanderings of the Metamorphosis final musical tale.