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Metal is forged here

October 26, 2018
U.D.O. - Steelfactory (European Edition)

The solemn and majestic Tongue Reaper intro begins the U.D.O. - Steelfactory (European Edition) album, clearly claiming that the combination of blanks, workpieces, fittings and materials into the legend of metal music does not tolerate vanity and requires exceptional skill.
Taming warlike drive and restrained rage, the pulsating march Make The Move rolls with pensive reflections, harshly sounding in the bridge in front of the chorus and powerfully driving in the statements in the chorus.
Developing the majestic significance and awareness of sounding, the album continues with a mysterious Keeper Of My Soul ballad in which vocal phrases of the chorus are shrouded with ornate folklore mysterious motifs. The guitar solo in the instrumental part brings even more spice travel through the unexplored deserts and wastelands.
Thoughtful reflections weave pure thoughts with emotional hard together in such a diverse In The Heat Of The Night composition.
Mysterious motifs shrouded in spicy influences of folk echoes are woven into musical laces of medium tempo Raise The Game composition intriguing the mysterious development of the verses and enchantingly complementing music with epic inserts in instrumental bridges.
The Blood On Fire main motive without delay captures all the attention, without rushing from side to side, marches to the intended goal. In the instrumental part, the victorious march meets the heroes after the battle.
After variations of medium-tempo reflections and romantic ballads, the impetuous wave of the Rising High drive carries off a furious ascension and striving for unattainable peaks in unrestrained rage.
Weaving contrasts powerful pressure The Devil Is An Angel music will clarify the obscure features of such a contrasting combination. Riffa is driven into powerful statements, the bridge anticipates the chorus with an inspired melodic passage, and in the chorus these streams of musical presentation are combined together.
A bass guitar part creating a tight pulsating Hungry And Angry musical background, then the music is woven into an intricate dance of dark temptation.
Gloomy thoughtfulness is approaching by a saddened romantic procession, then the One Heart One Soul vocals envelops the axis of the musical motive with its parts, twisting the thresholds of inspiring and encouraging chorus out of them.
Introduction the Pictures In My Dreams song embodies the epic motive of the previous one. Reflections of a couplet and solemn inspiration from the chorus complements this musical image.
Thoughtful A Bite Of Evil passages parade between the romantic ballad and the inspirational passages of traditional metal music.
In an effort to discard the captivating fetters Eraser is rapidly being carried away along the ghostly path of liberation, the narrator emphasizes the title of the composition in his narrative, returning to it again and again in his tales.
The bard glorifies the memories of his wanderings, thoughtfully and inspiringly singing them, complementing them with shades of vocal changes and raising the Rose In The Desert tale in the refrain more sternly and more tightly.
The enchanting The Way ballad finishes the album with delicate covers of romantic trends, weaving enchanting lace of guitar busting and vocal emotions. The acoustic beginning further complements the denser background music.