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Messengers from so unexpected places

October 19, 2021
Enslaved (NOR) - Caravans to the Outer Worlds (EP)

After the mysterious and intriguing artistic musical pattern of the introduction of the title track, the composition begins to roll out the musical canvas of the Enslaved (NOR) - Caravans to the Outer Worlds (EP) conceptual album, with the entry of vocals expanding its stylistic framework, alternating fierce screaming and inspired dreametiness of clean vocals in the vocals part.
The further part of the album consists of the trilogy - first the instrumental passage of a battle march in a gloomy haze with unclear and frightening extensions of the ghostly battles on the background sets its instrumental accession by the sound of the Intermezzo I: Lonnlig. Gudlig. composition, ending with a gloomy, but charming guitar solo with mysterious keyboards notes.
Then, the majestic inspiration with soft guitar chords complements the significant and thoughtful narrative of clean vocals, bringing into the sound of instrumental passages to the extension of the influence of the eastern motives, marchs thoughtfully and confidently in the sound of the Ruun II - The Epitaph song.
The trilogy and the entire album completes the Intermezzo II: The Navigator instrumental track with an incredibly impressive creativity of progressive musical variations.