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Mens sana in corpore sano!

May 02, 2016
Silent Images - Knightfall

Lord builds his story on experience and further beings in the Prologue Cry Havoc which starts furious and magnificent chronicle Silent Images - Knightfall.
Raging and raving all around, Unleash The Dogs Of War, unleashes all angry, beginning with powerful and dense growl, continuing with pathetic monologue - like the tribune tells tales in front of the crowd, trying to impose its own rules to mob.
A clear rhythm, rhythmic course, the dog broke loose - here's a lesson for the Realpolitik. Intertwined growls from the crowd and inspirational tales from the podium we hear later... maybe politics can claim the mob words?! Then we can hear sad and almost silent strings with the confession of one. That changes with the furious roar of that one, He asks about the path into future - right path and way of life for others. Priest voice completes that search.
Acoustic guitar calmly starts I Am The City (Je Suis La Nuit) even farther it flows melodic and lyrical dump confirms the inspirations. Calm middle summons the weird voices - Je ne parle pas francais! Oh, I don't expect that!
Harsh starts, broken rhythm, choppy varying in Tick Tock, can't allows even a little rest! Raged furious start was changed by words of a witch and few words of patricius.
Plaintive words from the darkness, the priest is broadcasting prayers in intro of Auяenpolitik. Then demon and his servants growl their words against the priests prayers in fast tempo, increasing squabbles tension. Who wins at last? I don't know...
Brethren's Burden fast, mesmerizing dance punctuated by slow vocals. Further vocals accelerated , scream and growl interspersed by clean one. Since the mid instruments enslave all around, their solos occupy all around and only in the end a few words mixed to them.
Slowly, aggressively pacing Rise, Narcissus, Rise! promoted to plebs! Roots, Narcissus, Roots! leisurely, unhurried song leads to the rise of Narcissus ... somewhere out there!
Fact paced Ignotum don't give a chance to revive from entombed passion of Narcissus self-love. Ended by the nervous cries - like calling soul back!
First there were wonderful, incredible, indescribable reefs, then Epilogue Of Fervid changed by furious growl, then it combines with the scream...further whispering story, calm narration by the clear voice... epic instrumental, screaming crowds, sirens and helicopter rotor whistles over there.
That's not the end - that's Epilogue!