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Memory stores everything, but distorts perception

December 20, 2019
D'un Autre Temps - Nos Memoires

The noise of the wind is preceded by a leisurely chime of guitar strings, long, painstakingly and thoughtfully enveloping the listener with a veil of thoughtfulness and doubt, meticulously preparing the introduction of vocals, complementing the leisurely melodic passages with the screech of furious screaming. Slowly and bewitching music of the Vers Notre Perte composition creates the opening sacrament of the D'un Autre Temps - Nos Memoires album.
The intro of the Entre Deux Mondes brings drive trends to the album, shrouded in a veil of pensive doubts, but then the vocals, transforming from screaming into a mysterious whisper, return the musical essence to unhurried meditations, full of romantic musical notes. Moreover, power and drive are not inferior, returning to the final part of the composition. The melodic instrumental saga Des Visages Sombres is pulsating on the waves of a mid-tempo march, the vocal manifests its phrases with mysterious echoes, remaining on the background of a musical procession, only complementing the twilight ghostly echoes of premonitions and predestinations of the Souviens-Toi... composition. The title track Nos Memoires continues the album with a solemn anthem, proudly marching with the banners of musical triumph, bringing progressive trends to the musical image with artistic dances of a rhythmic structure. Instrumental suite Disparus completes the album, enveloping in a bewitching melody and charming with thoughtful images of musical artistry and bewitching the echoes of a bewitching symphony.