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Memory remains after any of us

July 06, 2019
Ivan (AUS) - Memory

Violin passages infuse the intro of Visions with sadness, enveloping you with gloomy forebodings of future disasters. Then the vocal complements the musical procession of the Ivan (AUS) - Memory album with its own phrases. Violin passages weave even more painful lace around vocal phrases, exalting the triumph of sadness to an unknown level. The music retains a regretful sound, bringing some dark romance to the instrumental bridges, bringing the violin parts to the forefront of the musical image. Then the vocal phrases are intertwined in the emotional outburst of experiences with the violin passages, competing for the leading role in the musical image, while retaining the saddened veils of musical despair.
Continuing the contemplative sadness of the musical narration Time Is Lost, at first, brings piano pianos to the forefront, then taking them to the background musical projection, elevating the violin passages to the dominant role, then weaving from them and the vocal enthralling mystery of incontestable sadness. But then the keyboard solo in the instrumental bridge heralds a saddened solo violin extravaganza, preserving the mystery of the main motive in the saddened symphony of further musical narration.