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Memory corridors are made up of so many thoughts

October 03, 2018
Alan Burnside - Corridors Of Memory

Age Of Miracles begins the soft and thoughtful atmosphere of memories Alan Burnside - Corridors Of Memory with the harmonica dominating in the instrumental bridges. C ontinuing collection of wise memories William Blake song full of pride and pleasure from the memories.
As if the legend of the leisurely Story Teller bard turns the pages of memories of wanderings, gamblings and various wrangles.
Easy playfulness and challenge to higher forces sounds in the I Heard God Laughing composition, giving the harmonica playing the leading role in the musical image.
A leisurely soft romance The Luminous Hours envelops with so fascinating basic motif, allowing vocals to influence the mind only after an all-consuming charm of thoughts and impressions.
Blues motifs seize the reins of control of Mountains And Beaches narration, slowly and implicitly subordinating musical and vocal passages to their trends.
Mysterious romance The Poet Of The Vineyard carries away in dreamy spaces, singing wondrous memories brought by the lyrical influences of poetry and the solar reflections of the fascinating vineyards.
Fairy-tale and dreamy narratives are interrupted by the story of The Knocker's daily worries, which erode fabulous and epic memories with commonplace solvent.
But ordinary and burdensome worries recede before another wave of epic memories of unforgettable clouds and unique reflections of the Japanese sun. Harmonica produces very peculiar and unique trills in the Sayonara instrumental part.
Farewell does not tolerate fuss, joint experiences and impressions need worthy discussions and respectful memories. True Lovers Always Say Farewell completes the album as an example of these goodbyes.