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Memories were indulged in doubts

August 11, 2021
Drug Church - Tawny (EP)

Dense throbbing motifs of the Head-Off song rolling with the waves of the pressure, but then vocals and music attributes the banners of dreaminess and fascinate the listener with musical inspiration.
After setting up the guitars, the title composition continues the musical narration of the Drug Church - Tawny (EP) album with anticipation, perturbed and angry vocals appeals, complemented by a musical drive. These musical essences are combined into a single musical stream in the chorus.
The anems and uncompromising drive rolls the musical canvas of the Bliss Out song, crowned with angry and uncompromising vocals perturbations.
Vocals softens the synthesis and sound, combining two voices in the duet, then rolling joint inspirational waves together with the musical drive and melodic charm of the Remember To Forget final album composition.