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Memories of endless space wanderings

October 24, 2022
A Mountain Of One - Stars Planets Dust Me

Soft and gentle guitar passages weave around muted vocal reflections in a mysterious dance, creating the mystical musical mystery of the Custards Last Stand song, which begins the musical story of the A Mountain Of One - Stars Planets Dust Me album with a twilight haze of obscure conjectures that are dispelled by the romantic musical story of the Black Apple Pink Apple composition, bringing the musical charm of chanson and the romance of vocals lyrics.
Artistic musical mystery envelops in an atmosphere of obscurity and multi-valued conjectures muted and alarmed Make My Love Grow vocals reflections, creating an intriguing atmosphere of unclear guesses with notes of reggae in the musical style, followed by the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the rhythmic procession of the Surrender march, accentuating the tempo and rhythm of the passages of the bass.
Discarding the shackles of time, the Dealer composition returns us to the artistic variations of the music of the 70-80s, but combines musical motifs with their modern embodiment, developing this stylistic display in the inspired and bright Star song, weaving vocal inspiration and musical sparkle in a single ascension. The musical mystery of the intro of the title track of the Stars Planets Dust Me album creates a soulful symphonic atmosphere for vocals narration, concluding it with restrained joyful memories of past adventures and endless cosmic wanderings in the sound of the gentle Soft Landing final ballad of the album.