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Memories accumulates the energy of revenge and retribution

August 06, 2019
Oculum Dei - Dreams Of Desire And Torment

The Pandemic (Intro) interview, which discusses the fate of the world and assesses the possibilities and features of human psychology, reveals the musical expanses of the Oculum Dei - Dreams Of Desire And Torment album. Then the Involuntary Pandemic rolls in waves of medium-tempo drive, alternating vocal styling of screaming and growling and accordingly transforming musical passages.
After an acoustic soft introduction, the pulsing pensive musical canvas of the dark anthem continues the album, but then transforms into the unbridled rage of a swift drive. However, wise thoughts come back and acoustic passages completes the Ghost In The Corridors composition.
The bewitching symphony, the ringing of bells and the chorales of the ministers of the church create an epic atmosphere of the Kingdom Of Hell intro, then with a severe growling vocals call for a musical transformation, then the sound complements the screaming and the fast flow of drive, ending however with a tough mid-tempo march.
The twilight atmosphere of pensive inspiration rises to the introduction of the Dreams Of Desire And Torment title track, alternating then similar melodic passages with growling vocals with waves of furious drive with screaming vocals. The march procession of the main motive of A Cold Winter's Plight song paces in uncertain turns from side to side, then enveloping vocal phrases with enchanting vortices of mesmerizing melody. Accumulating the mood of a belligerent mood and unrestrained militancy, the passages of the Blinded By God's main motive that revolt already in the introduction, envelops the vocal part with impressive lace of musical greatness. The charming chants of the singing lady give the A Mist Of Heaven Inside Of Hell (Feat. Amanda Mcgraw) intro a touch of romanticism, interwoven in a bewitching waltz with keyboard passages. Then furious screaming combines the melodic charm with unbridled drive, completing the album with a charming unity of contrasts.