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Memorial for the unity of contrasts

October 11, 2021
URNE - Serpent & Spirit

The title composition begins the URNE - Serpent & Spirit album fascinatingly rolling the musical canvas of the epic saga, alternating musical variations with vocal variables, combining fierce harsh and pure vocals. The Palace Of Devils & Wolves composition continues the sound of an album with a mid-tempo musical pace of a harsh combat march, supplemented by thoughtful vocal appeals, filled with doubts.
Guitar solo introduction sets the direction of development of the Memorial instrumental track's main motive, then wrapping these riffs with sparse changes and variations of guitar solo. The Moon & Sky continues the musical narrative album with a leisurely and exciting melodium of a musical fairy tale, combining musical melodism with vocal sensuality.
Rhythmic and tightly, the Desolate Heart confident march begins the exciting guitar solo. But at the beginning of the music complements the sound of a discreet drive with vocals rage, then a tight and confidently processing rhythmic procession.
The final fragment of the album begins the Envy The Dead vocals monologue that shares the vocal styles of the Melodic guitar solo. After a long instrumental intro, the Memorial: Sing Me To Rest composition mourns the vocal sadness of the old loss, enveloping the atmosphere of sad despair. Acoustic guitar solo continuously opens the gates of the entry of the final album composition A Tomb So Frail, finalizing its harsh rhythmic march.