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Many ways ahead, so let it be - surrounded by cold and fear

June 11, 2016
Emily Jane White - They Moved In Shadow All Together

Emily Jane White - They Moved In Shadow All Together , there's no point in other way!
Melodiously flows, spreading around, shrouding you in waves of frost - there's Frozen Garden around you.
Guitar search begins this travel, then Pallid Eyes hide its gloss. Mysterious praise, which include drum breaks, continue to paint this paleness.
Hands clasp, hugging and envelop by lady's soft vocals. Piano and keyboards add their parties to the sound of the guitar busting. Then music seals by more powerful drums support.
Thoughtfully, lyrically, loftily Nightmares On Repeat the female vocal supplements guitar fingering with the devine and pensive sounds. That's inside beautifull!
Piano, complemented with melancholic, dreamy fiddle, begins Rupturing. Following the entry song turns mournful and sad flavor, track canvas carries us on the waves of sadness and hopelessness. Quick keyboard passage calls for hope, but it is too brief.
Started by sad choral, Moulding in your heart rides its path by gloomy and mysterious way, that ends by sad choral.
More cheerfully, giving hope begins The Ledge. But after the introduction cheerfulness passes into the reflections of the lady-bard, accompanied with a keyboard leitmotif, decorated by several inclusions of a violin.
The Black Dove the mysterious, enigmatic story is accompanied by dense support of drums, which interrupted by few melancholy chorales.
The grief and despondency spreads like the lake in Antechamber. The piano quietly conducts the part, the sad female vocal exaggerates a palette in which inclusions the guitar flashes.
The violin receives a leading role in the play Womankind. The leitmotif of a violin is in the foreground, sometimes drums supplement music with more support.
The note-by-note keyboards are rhythmic canvas of Behind The Glass composition. Female vocals are separated - one lady on one side, another - behind the glass. Rhythmic combination of keyboard notes, bits of drums and violin accents complete this album.