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Many tales are always not trusted

March 19, 2020
Witchtower (ESP) - Witches' Domain

The epic passages of the A Revelation battle march are the introduction of swirling guitar solos, ending with the union of vocals and music in a furious drive of The Theosophist musical thriller. Wrapping the vocal part with vortices of guitar solo the Over The Top song continues the Witchtower (ESP) - Witches' Domain album, crowning the musical narration with an atmosphere of mystery with the help of variations of the guitar part and vocal emotions.
Fascinating with the charm of an incredibly hit guitar solo intro, Night Of The Witch vocals captivates with a mysterious narrative, weaving together these impressive musical entities in a chorus. Accenting notes of musical sacrament in introduction Zuggarramurdi (Sorginak!) follows the its path, introducing notes of mystery in a vocal narrative. Walking through the sophisticated leisurely procession of the intro's solemn anthem, Mrs. Artisson rushes into the runaway race of the verse, returning to the unhurried majesty of the intro in the chorus.
Despite the expectation of a romantic ballad from a song with a similar name, Love Potion rushes unrestrained storm of rapid drive. Then the Look For The Truth introduction introduces a portion of romantic melodics, but then the musical passages returns to rapid rampant. The World Is Upside Down brings to the forefront of the musical image the guitar solo of the introduction, bewitching it with vortices, then pumping up an impatient meeting of vocal narration with rhythmic guitar riffs. Before the final assault, the guitar brings a bit of melodic charm.
The title track Witches' Domain completes the album with an impressive instrumental epic saga, artistically varying drive and symphonic solutions in one musical embodiment, complementing this release with The Chosen (Bonus Track), in which musical passages complement the conspirators mysterious vocals tunes.