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Many sacrifices was brought for the ascendancy

April 26, 2018
Tamerlan Empire - Age Of Ascendancy

The title track starts Tamerlan Empire - Age Of Ascendancy album with tunes of pipes, stringed overflows, an instrumental extravaganza, which is complemented by chorals on the background, which do not hide the marvelous melody - on the contrary, emphasize it. Battle Of Tyrants continues the album with a frenzied drive, preserving the spicy atmosphere of Eastern mysteries, emphasizing marvelous melodies with vocal meditations in the middle of the composition, preserving the melody of the main motive even in the unrestrained drive of the verses.
Twisted in an iridescent ornament of the main motif Vengeance In Blood fascinates with the incredible melody of oriental folklore, fascinating with the softness and sublimity of melodism. Continuing these same motives in a more powerful and rhythmic pitch Ottoman's Demise rolls the viscous rhythm of the dark waves, like a sandstorm that nothing will stop in its path.
After tough instructions and harsh commands, Ascension Of Iron hovers in the whirlwinds of deadly dances, blasting swift patterns in a dusty fog with so sharp blades.
Slamming the tambourines and producing sad wisdom with stringed instruments Behest Of The Chosen prepares the pulsating power of the summoned demon.
The symphony of instrumental Winter March intro slowly and steadily develops, the vocal waits in the gloomy shadow, without interfering with instrumental delights to enchant the mind with spicy motives. The vocals complement the majestic hymn to restrained tranquility with a meditative tint, bogged down in ornate instrumental melodies entangling each word with sparkling ideas.
Swaying the wave of dark drive into the introduction, over which swarms of furious winged beasts sweep, combines this rapid power with tired vocal phrases. But the instrumental bridge pacifies instrumental frenzy, rolling out a further musical canvas with a thoughtful epic narrative.
The majestic symphony of the keyboards develops into a stream of powerful Marauder's Mark drive that picks up the symphony's motif and develops it into an enchanting whirlwind of ghostly twilights, enveloped in illusory temptations and immeasurable wealth. In the instrumental part, the symphony for a short moment will turn into a rhythmic march, twisting the steps with magical melodic passages.
A swift melodic stream is roiled by frenzied bursts, shaking the foundations of the universe into an introduction, the vocal introduces majestic Of Dust Returned reverie. The bridges and the final part complete the charming ballad with the waves of the drive, which are picked up by the last composition of the album Scattered Sands, deep in its dark sensuality and combining instrumental vortices with sublime and romantic melodies.